11 Fascinating Facts About The History Of Guinness Beer You Probably Didn’t Know

by 6 months ago
Guinness Stout Beer

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Guinness has been one of my favorite beers on the planet for as long as I’ve been drinking beer. One of the things I love the most about Guinness is they absolutely OWN their market. So much so that they’ve actually transcended the type of beer (stout). When you go out to drink a stout or pick up some at the store then 99 times out of 100 it’s going to be a Guinness. It’s not only the best-tasting stout on the planet it’s the stout beer that you can find everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

Like every Guinness lover who traces even the tiniest sliver of ancestry to Ireland, I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Guinness factory. Last week that dream became a reality, and I hopped on a plane and flew over to Dublin where I was able to tour the St. James Gate Storehouse, meet with an archivist from Guinness and go over historical artifacts from the Guinness vaults, and tour the Open Gate Brewery where Guinness brews their new-age experimental beers.

Between the tours and soaking up all the history, I could find in Dublin I spent every waking minute in a pub getting to know the Dubliners who were all comically nice and welcoming. You might’ve caught some of my adventures in Dublin on the @BroBible Instagram last week (or on my @casspa Twitter). Throughout my peregrination of Dublin, I was inundated with some random facts about the history of Arthur Guinness, St. James Gate, and Guinness Beer which I wanted to share with all of my fellow Guinness-loving bros out there.


Cass Anderson / BroBible

I didn’t want to do this as a formal listicle and throw random facts at you like a teacher. Instead, I thought it would be cool to share some of the fascinating @GuinnessUS trivia I picked up on my travels alongside some random photos from my trip.


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