Fans React As Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay His Ex More Each Month Than Most Americans Make In Five Years

Dr Dre. and Ex Nicole Young memes reactions to $300K month payments

Getty Image / Kevin Mazur

  • A judge has ordered Dr. Dre to pay his wife an absurd amount of money as divorce proceedings unfold
  • The ‘Spousal Support’ is temporary until a final decision is made while the divorce proceedings unfold but it’s a truly insane amount of monthly money
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I’m not a guy who typically pays attention to celebrity divorces. Or really pays much attention to celebrities at all. But this is Dr. Dre! When I see his name trending I click to see what’s going on because I was pretty much raised by the good doctor’s music as a child of the 90s.

What I found out by clicking on the Dr. Dre trend on Twitter is (1) Dr. Dre (real name Andre Romelle Young) is getting divorced and (2) his wife is getting PAID. A judge has ordered Dr. Dre to begin paying his money more money every single month than the average American household makes in five years.

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has ordered Dr. Dre to start paying his ex-wife Nicole Young $293,306 every single month beginning on August 1st. That’s a grand sum of $3,519,672 per year.

As a point of comparison, the average American household earns $68,703 per year and the median American household income is $55,660. To put that in context, the average American household (not just a single person) would need to work for nearly 5 years to make the same amount of money that Dr. Dre’s wife is now getting paid each and every month until a final determination is made.

The report from RadarOnline states the separating couple is “still fighting over their prenup” even though divorce was filed in June 2020. So it has been a full year of ongoing legal battles. The Los Angeles judge also ordered Dr. Dre to continue paying for Nicole Young’s health insurance.

Did I mention that Dr. Dre’s estimated net worth is $820 MILLION??? Naturally, Twitter has reacted to this news with a ton of memes as Twitter is known to do.

I guess I should mention that I’m happy for the couple that they’re both exiting a dysfunctional relationship AND happy for Nicole Young getting paid that much. I wouldn’t say I’m “jealous” because I’m not trying to imagine a world where I divorce a celeb and get paid a bunch every month. But she deserves that money for being his partner throughout his career.

As for the memes about the divorce and how much she’s getting paid every single month until she remarries, I bet we’ll see those for years to come.