Rebecca Black Just Dropped A ‘Friday’ Remix On The 10-Year Anniversary Of Her Viral Hit

Rebecca Black

Getty Image / World of Wonder

I feel like that Matt Damon meme from the end of Saving Private Ryan where he goes from young man to wrinkled octogenarian in a matter of seconds. It’s been TEN YEARS since Rebecca Black released ‘Friday’ onto the world which became one of the most famous viral videos from an era on YouTube that was all about viral videos (before creators had taken over).

She’s back.

To mark a decade since ‘Friday’ she’s released a club remix onto the world. Some people are saying it’s the single greatest track of the roaring 2020’s. I’m not saying that. Some people are. And others are saying it’s a crying shame that we can’t be in packed clubs right now partying to Rebecca Black on the 10th anniversary of her viral hit. Again, it’s not me saying that. Some people are.

Rebecca’s released the song on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal (still exists?), and a few other places. Basically everywhere you might get your music. Unfortunately, she’s released the track on streaming services *before* YouTube which is set to drop at 12pm EST.  So stay tuned for that.


This feels like one of the most elaborate troll jobs in modern history. She’s been dragging out this one-long troll forever and there’s no end in sight. Honestly, good on her for it too.

It’s going to be really weird for a lot of people who don’t catch this remix online now and when they reemerge into the world in the coming months find a Rebecca Black remix blasting on speakers all over. A whole lot of people aren’t going to be ready for that.