This Machine Converts Crappy Halloween Candy Into Peanut Butter Cups. How Did We Ever Live Without It?

reese's halloween candy machine


Tonight, millions of children across America will stuff plastic pumpkins and pillowcases with candy by channeling their inner mobster and knocking on doors to suggest it’d be a real shame if someone got tricked because they refused to hand out a treat or two.

They’ll eventually return home with the protection candy in tow before dumping it out to see how much they managed to extort from their neighbors and combing through their stash in search of the good stuff.

Sadly, we still live in a world where people pass out Mary Janes, circus peanuts, and other candies of that ilk that will inevitably sit uneaten until everything else is gone (if it doesn’t get tossed in the trash before then).

Thankfully, someone has figured out a solution to a problem that has plagued kids for generations.

According to CNN, the kind people at Reese’s have dreamed up a “Candy Converter” that magically transforms even the crappiest candy into peanut butter cups, a top-tier Halloween treat.

In a perfect world, there would be one of these on every corner.

Unfortunately, there’s currently only one in existence and you’ll have to travel to Washington Square Park in New York City between 4 and 9 PM tonight if you’re looking to convert your candy corn and Good $ Plenty.

However, a rep for Reese’s said there’s a chance they might make the machines more readily available when Halloween rolls around next year.

This is far from the only good thing Reese’s has done for the world of candy this year.

Back in May, they seriously changed the game when they unleashed the Outrageous bar upon the world, which is stuffed with peanut butter, caramel, and mini Reese’s Pieces.

Eat your heart out, Elon Musk. That’s what innovation truly looks like.

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