Dropping A Fridge, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Microwave And More Off A 150-Foot Tower Looks Fun

YouTube - How Ridiculous

How many of you remember when David Letterman used to drop stuff off a five-story building and it was an actual segment on his old NBC show Late Night? Do you know why he did such a very unusual thing on national television? Because it was freaking awesome, that’s why. Duh.

This was my favorite segment on Letterman’s old show back in the day…

And you know how those videos of a hydraulic press crushing things went viral awhile back? Yeah, Letterman knew that sort of thing was cool long before the internet did.

Dave was truly a man ahead of his time.

Fast forward to 2018 and guess what? Dropping stuff off a tower is still awesome as the boys over at How Ridiculous proved this week.

If you have ever wondered what would happen if you dropped items like a dishwasher, a La-Z-Boy chair, a microwave, a washing machine, a sink, a toilet, and a FREAKING refrigerator off a 150-foot tall tower, then today is your lucky day. And even if you never wondered, today is still your lucky day because that’s exactly what the boys did. (How they got the fridge up the 222 steps should be a whole other video.)

Bonus: They said in the video that if they got 1 million likes they would drop a fridge onto a car. It currently sits at 1,363,002 views. CHA-ching!

More Letterman highlights below because Dave was the man.

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