Guy Trolls People With Remote Controlled Alligator Head And This Is Straight Up Cruel

People, in general, are scared to the bone of alligators. Even as a native Floridian who grew up around alligators (I once found one in the bathroom in my H.S. and there’s one in the pond in my backyard at this very instant), I still know that it’s foolish to go swimming if you see an alligator in the water.

Seeing gators swimming directly at you triggers that innate survival response where your brain tells your body to haul ass out of there if you want to live.

And that’s the exact response we see from all of these people who get trolled to the point of panic when this guy attaches a remote controlled boat to an alligator head. When gators are swimming the only parts of the body you see are the head and the tail.

When they’re sitting in the water you typically only see the head. So this is actually pretty terrifying in how realistic it is as a prank.

Alligator Head Prank: Guy Trolls People With Remote Controlled Alligator Head

My attention span for YouTube videos is typically around 4-6 minutes but there’s something about this prank that really spoke to me, though, it did get a little weird at the end. My next door neighbor has a few R.C. boats that he plays with in the pond/lake behind our houses and I’m thinking I need to pair up with him on a prank like this so we can troll the shit out of our other neighbors who fish for largemouth bass in there every afternoon. If I’m able to pull this off I’ll certainly share this video with all you dudes here.