Ryan Reynolds Releases Hilarious ‘Reynolds Cut’ Of Infamous 2011 Bomb ‘Green Lantern’

Warner Bros.

Okay, folks, this video marks the second time Ryan Reynolds has tweeted about Justice League today, and while it’s still unlikely that it actually happens, I’m not officially suspicious.

Yes, I get it, Reynolds is known to fuck around, but I’ve bee hearing rumors of him popping up in The Snyder Cut of Justice League for a while now and these latest “gags” have done nothing to slow those rumors down.

As for Green Lantern, I’ve actually never seen it. So, guess what? I’m firing it up right now. Based on its reputation, it’s not something I necessarily need to commit 100% of my brainpower towards, so it’s definitely something I can half-watch on my #SecondScreen (if you don’t have a second monitor set up at your work-from-home station by now, what are you actually doing) as I pump out #content.

All things considered, though, is Reynolds returning as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern something that audiences would want to see? Speaking for myself here, I’d say absolutely. Reynolds is one of the preeminent A-listers working today and giving him another shot at Green Lantern would be a win-win across the board: not only would Warner Bros. and Reynolds get to redeem themselves, but Green Lantern — which is a legitimately fantastic property that deserves a solid film adaptation — would have a chance at revitalization as well.

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Obviously, Reynolds’ involvement with the Deadpool franchise complicates things, as it’s doubtful that Disney — who now owns the franchise after purchasing 20th Century Fox — would allow Reynolds to appear in a DCEU film so long as he’s still portraying one of their heroes. However, if the Deadpool franchise were to wrap up after just two films (reports vary on whether or not a Deadpool 3 is going to happen), Reynolds returning to the DCEU is certainly something I could envision.