‘Rick And Morty’ Creator Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen’s Mega-Church As Rick Sanchez

by 9 months ago

Celebrity televangelist Joel Osteen was dragged by many when he refused to open his 17,000-seat mega-church to people looking for safe haven as the floods poured into the city of Houston. After the heavy criticism, Osteen said the mega-church could have flooded and blamed “misinformation” for people being upset with his decision to turn away people seeking salvation from the deadly rising waters. Osteen has had jokes and memes thrown his way and now the creator of “Rick and Morty” took time to poke fun of the extremely wealthy televangelist.

“Rick and Morty” creator, writer, voice actor and lover of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce Justin Roiland appeared on the H3 Podcast where he broke into his Rick Sanchez character from the hugely successful Adult Swim show and prank called Osteen’s prayer line. Speaking in the familiar gravelly drawl of Rick and unfortunately no signature burps, Roiland spoke to a kind religious woman who was ready to make Rick’s prayers become a reality. Over the phone.

At first, Roiland thought he had contacted the phone number for “pralines,” but was quickly disappointed when there were no sugary nuts to be found. After asking to speak to Joel Osteen, the woman tells Rick to call back tomorrow. “I have over $87,000 and I’m ready—sorry, I have $83,897 dollars, right now, for Joel Osteen,” Rick says. “And I’m ready to… pray.” She then begins to speak in tongues. An impressive feat by Roiland to keep a straight face as everyone around him craps their pants from laughing so hard. Sadly, Rick did not get the divine intervention that he was seeking from Osteen, but either did the fine people of Houston.

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