Robert Downey, Jr. Gave The Entire Crew Of ‘Infinity War’ Personalized Gifts After Shooting Completed

by 11 months ago
Robert Downey Crew Infinity War Gifts

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Avengers: Infinity War reportedly has one of the biggest movie casts we’ll ever see, so imagine how big the crew must have been for the 12 months of shooting it took before finally reaching its conclusion this month. After putting that much work into just one movie, Robert Downey, Jr. decided to reward the entire crew of the film with a special personalized gift.

Patrick Istorico, a film grip on the movie’s production, shared a picture of RDJ’s gift that apparently came straight from Stark Industries and has a plate on it inscribed with “HEART FELT THANX FROM THE CENTER OF MY ARC REACTOR” and signed by Downey.

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