People Are Having Fun Mocking One Big Problem With The Poster For The Rock’s Film ‘Skyscraper’

by 12 months ago
Rock Film Skyscraper Poster Problem

YouTube - Universal Pictures

Numerous upcoming movies debuted their fresh new trailers over Super Bowl LII weekend. Among them were Super Troopers 2, Jurassic World, Mission Impossible 6, Cloverfield Paradox, Dundee (oh, wait… scratch that one), and The Rock’s latest effort Skyscraper.

As for that last one, Skyscraper, which also debuted a new poster on Sunday, anyone who watched the trailer during the Super Bowl noticed there seems to be a slight problem with something known as “physics.”

Unless The Rock is secretly wearing those cool jet boots Star-Lord rocks in Guardians of the Galaxy there is no way he’s making this jump.


Perhaps The Rock has been involved in one too many Fast and Furious movies.


(Not that I am questioning The Rock about one of his movies because I really don’t want a verbal smackdown… just making an observation. Don’t hurt me, DJ.)

As is always the case with these sort of odd things that pop up on TV or online, the internet had thoughts. Very funny thoughts.

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