The Rock Got A Little Salty When Someone Dissed His ‘Jumanji’ Sequel Announcement On Twitter

Rock Jumanji Sequel Announcement Twitter Beef

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was none too thrilled when someone dissed his proud announcement of a Jumanji sequel on Twitter the other day.

Johnson wrote in a tweet, “DECEMBER 13th, 2019. The game is not over… And I get to slap @KevinHart4real’s lips into next week. The world is once again VERY happy. #JUMANJI.”

Very exciting news, right? I said, RIGHT?! Yeah, well, anyway, not everyone was excited. Especially one of the members of the English pop punk band Busted, Charlie Simpson, who tweeted, “Oh dear… I wonder if it will be the second worst film ever made??”

This response did not sit well with The Rock so he shot back, “Haha I have a fun idea – how bout you watch it with us and tell us your thoughts. Then we listen to your music and we’ll tell you ours. You know, face to face like real men do instead of yapping on Twitter.”

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Then the guy who got the whole silly beef rolling jumped back into the conversation…

This seemed to lighten The Rock’s mood a little bit.

No hard feelings, I guess.

Way to look on the bright side.