Run The Jewels Is Partnering With A German Brewery To Make A Cannabinoid-Infused Beer

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Over the past few years, Run The Jewels has cemented themselves a spot in hip-hop history as one of the most impressive duos to ever pick up a microphone. Since teaming up five years ago, rap veterans El-P and Killer Mike have released three self-titled records (or four, if you count the one where they replaced all of the original beats with cat noises) filled with music designed to make you want to go to the zoo, strip naked, and jump into the gorilla enclosure to throw down with a silverback.

The group has also earned quite a reputation for their fantastic live shows— including one where a fan absolutely killed a verse after getting picked out of the crowd. I got the full RTJ experience last year when they served up one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in addition to the impressive Stay Gold IPA, a beer they dreamed up with Interboro Brewery in Brooklyn (the borough that El-P calls home).

Stay Gold was only produced for a limited time, but it appears the duo isn’t leaving the craft beer world at any point in the immediate future. They recently announced that a number of Run The Jewels-affiliated brews are going to be released this year— including a pilsner infused with CBD, one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in marijuana.

According to Food and Wine, Berlin brewery BRLO will be celebrating 4/20 with the debut of their Legend Has It pilsner. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, but a number of studies suggest it may have pain-killing properties capable of treating multiple ailments. While it’s actually legal in a majority of states, the beer will only be available in Europe.

However, the group also announced the upcoming release of three unique versions of Panther of a Panther, a dark beer being brewed in three unique ways by their former partners in crime at Interboro in addition to the highly-lauded brewers at Pipeworks and J. Wakefield.

Killer Mike’s punch to the face is now a coffee stout.

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