This Throwback Ryan Reynolds Story Of The Worst Apology He’s Ever Given Is Comedy Gold

Ryan Reynolds

YouTube / Team Coco

  • This Ryan Reynolds clip from ‘Conan’ show originally aired in 2008
  • Ryan shares a story of apologizing to recovering alcoholic Tom Arnold in the worst way possible
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We are just a few short weeks away from the final episode of Late Night With Conan O’Brien airing. Conan’s last episode is set to air on June 24. This episode featuring Ryan Reynolds as a guest actually aired way back in February of 2008.

Conan’s Team Coco YouTube channel occasionally posts throwback clips and for whatever reason I decided to click play on this Ryan Reynolds one today. I’m glad I did. He had just been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive or something like that.

The story Ryan Reynolds tells about knowing Tom Arnold but also knowing virtually nothing about him is spectacular. It’s weird to think there was a time in America when Tom Arnold was a huge star. He’s drifted out of the spotlight for decades. I think I muted him on Twitter years ago (find me at @casspa), but there was a time when he was a legitimate A-Lister. Tom Arnold was also a famous recovering alcoholic which Ryan didn’t know.

Ryan’s currently rumored to be working on an R-Rated Deadpool animated series. Reynolds also recently purchased a lower-tier soccer team with Rob McElhenney and also just watched Green Lantern for his very first time.

It’s wild how a clip from 2008 can look like it’s 30 years old at this point because of how much the camera quality has changed in the past decade. You could tell me that clip was from the 1990s and I’d almost believe you. If you’re trying to do the math in your head, Ryan’s about 32-years-old here.

The only reason my brain can sort of process that this is around 2008 is because Ryan Reynolds still looks like he filmed Just Friends a year or two before. And I re-watch that movie every year. It is one of the most underrated Christmas movies in the game.

As for the apology to Tom Arnold, let this be a lesson to everyone. You should never apologize to a recovering alcoholic by gifting them booze. Conan knows that. Tom Arnold knows that. And Ryan will never forget it after that encounter.