Ryan Reynolds Continues To Be The Man, Launches Program That’ll Host Minorities On His Movie Sets To Learn Their Trade

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Ryan Reynolds, folks, that’s how it’s done. Have dreams of being a movie star? Well, if you’re reading this right now, it’s probably to late for you anyway, but if you did, follow Ryan Reynolds lead.

Every time he pops up, he’s other being funny, charismatic, or compassionate — whether that be on social media, on film, or in real life. True story, but I shook hands with him at the premiere of Netflix’s 6 Underground, and my biggest takeaway from the night was how truly exhausting being a movie star must be, especially when you’re operating at that A-list level. You have to be on your game all the time. Smiling, laughing, looking people in the eye, answer questions, being engaged in mindless conversation, dragged from one PR person to the next. It looked exhausting. Sure, it pays well, don’t get me wrong, but it’s perhaps not as easy as you’d imagine.

Point being, while Reynolds has mastered being a globally famous A-lister who’s borderline blindingly handsome who also comes across as super down to Earth, he’s not all teeth and quips, as he’s been known to put his money where his mouth is when doing the right thing.

Just this week, Reynolds took to social media to offer $5000 to ensure the safe return of a teddy bear that housed the last recording of a heartbroken daughter’s late mother. The bear, luckily, was found.

It didn’t take Reynolds long to continue that hot streak of goodwill – on Friday morning, the Deadpool actor announced The Group Effort Initiative, which is designed to invest in the talent and creativity of any and all under-represented communities who’ve felt this industry didn’t have room for their dreams.” The money to pay for the program will come out of Reynolds’ own pocket.

The program, run through his production banner Maximum Effort, plans to bring 10 to 20 trainees who are black, indigenous, other people of color or who are from marginalized communities across the age spectrum, giving them real-life film experience.

The new recruits will be paid and housed out of Reynolds’ own salary and will spend their days on set, learning from professionals with the goal that their learning will act as a springboard to another job, creating a domino effect that places them on a path for a career in the film industry. [via THR]

Like I said at the top, that’s how movie-starring is done: look pretty, travel the world, rack in the dough, while also being a decent person and giving back to the less fortunate. Continue being the king, Reynolds.

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