Samuel L. Jackson Reads ‘Stay The F*ck Home’ For Everyone Out There Getting Cabin Fever

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most prolific and successful actors in history. He is the #1 highest-grossing actor in history with his films bringing in more than $16.7 billion worldwide throughout his career.

The man is a living legend and when he speaks we listen. That’s why this ‘Stay The F*ck Home’ clip that appeared on Kimmel the other night is worth of your time. At the very least, you should send this to your f*cking dad and tell him to stay the f*ck home.

If you’re wondering why I keep adding asterisks to f*ck it’s because the video itself appeared on Kimmel and was bleeped so I thought I’d at least stick with the theme of the video here. If I had my way we’d be teaching toddlers every profane word on the planet because using profanity is a sign of happiness and healthiness, it’s also a sign of intelligence.

Anyway, Samuel L. Jackson is here to tell you to Stay The F*ck Home and I really hope you listen. Let’s just get our sh*t together for the next few weeks, then months, and after that we can begin to go back to our regularly scheduled lives.

It’s wild how pretty much all TV has turned into YouTube these days. Late night TV, morning talk shows, it all looks like YouTube. The full clip is actually 8-minutes long with Samuel J. Jackson talking about life, canceling his Italy trip with Magic Johnson, and more. Check it out if you want more: