Scarlett Johansson Spotted Rocking A Very Interesting, And Very Large, New Back Tattoo

by 2 years ago
scarlett johansson new back tattoo

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Speaking of actresses who really need to get on Instagram, apparently if you play a superhero in the movies you develop the tendency to get bigass tattoos on your back. Remember Ben Affleck’s giant screaming phoenix back tat from awhile back? You know, the one that two of his exes Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez both took piping hot dumps on him over?

Despite both Garner and Lopez most certainly believing the tattoo to be real, Affleck later claimed it was fake and for a movie role – a role that we have yet to see him in with that very tattoo almost two years later.

In case you missed it, it is/was glorious…

Note how they say it is real. Hmmm…

Now we can add Scarlett Johansson to the list of “is the big tattoo on her back real or for a movie role” list. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were real. Johansson already had one large tattoo on her back before this.

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Check out the new, additional ink on ScarJo’s back below (swipe for more pics)…

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