Ben Affleck’s Insane Screaming Phoenix Back Tattoo Makes Him A Strong Candidate For Bro Of The Year

Sweet mother of Gigli, Ben Affleck is either having the greatest year ever or the most epic mid-life crisis since Chuck Sheen (but we all know what set that off now).

Let’s go over Ben’s 2015 — he banged a hot nanny who might play Batwoman in porn parody, he got his ex-wife to babysit the kids while he took the nanny to Vegas, he bought a sick muscle car, his drinking and gambling habits basically led to his divorce and, oh yeah, HE’S FUCKING BATMAN.

Now this insane phoenix back tat that people are saying IS NOT for a movie role is the cream on the crazy sundae. Ben is going off the rails and I’m loving every insane bump to the inevitable crash. And I actually love Affleck. If I hated him this would all be way more gratifying.

At least this brings an end to the tramp stamp rumor…

[via Some eCards]