Scientists Find New Organ In Human Body That Was Hiding In Plain Sight And Could Be The Largest

by 12 months ago
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Scientists have discovered a new organ in the human body that could be the largest. The exciting discovery could help explain how cancer spreads throughout a human body. Scientists are calling the newfound organ the “interstitium,” a large organ that we never knew we had. The crazy part is that it was right under our skin.

Researchers from New York University’s School of Medicine found the new organ and the discovery was published in a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports. The scientists believe the interstitium could be the largest organ in the human body because it is just below the skin’s surface and covers many things. The network of interconnected compartments covers arteries, veins, blood vessels, fibrous tissue between muscles. It also lines the body’s digestive tracts, lungs, and urinary systems.

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