Search For Loch Ness Monster Uncovers A Mysterious Underground Cave System

Urquhart Castle Loch Ness Monster


The largest search for the Loch Ness Monster in over 50 years will take place this weekend, August 26 and 27, but some people are getting a head start.

Paige Daley, operator of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club TikTok account, claims that her search has uncovered an underground cave system in Loch Ness which could be home to the elusive creature.

Her expedition, which was planned several months ago took place this week, involved following the advice of locals, a trained guide and a drone pilot, according to the Mirror.

“When the chance came to see if the caves were real, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” said Daley. “However, it’s not at all obvious where the caves are as they are well hidden by undergrowth and quite extensive forestation. I was really hoping to find at least one cave at the site and from that, might conclude that if there are caves above the loch water level, maybe there would be more underwater at the same shore.”

She ended up finding way more than just one cave.

“There were multiple entrances and it was clear that these were linked up to each other within the hillside,” said Daley.

“What also be came apparent was that pools in the river were also linked to almost bottomless caverns, again connected to the caves above ground. There was no apparent sign of life in the caves, but then again, it was just a black watery abyss close to the loch.”

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“This is really exciting news,” said Gary Campbell of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register. “Local folk have spoken of caves for hundreds of years but it was never clear where they might be and more importantly, if they were connected to the loch. Also, as it’s now clear that they are in a remote, uninhabited area which is virtually inaccessible, if Nessie did need a hiding place this would be the perfect location.”

This weekend, the Loch Ness Centre says it will have more than 200 people on hand for the biggest search for Nessie since the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau searched extensively for the creature in 1972.

“Over the weekend, surveying equipment that has never been used on Loch Ness before will be enlisted to uncover the secrets of the mysterious waters,” the Loch Ness Centre wrote.

“This includes thermal drones to produce thermal images of the water from the air using infrared cameras, as observing heat from above could provide a crucial component for identifying any mysterious anomalies.”

It will be interesting to see if they use this new information to get a better read on the Loch Ness Monster’s location, or if we have to fall back on the theory that Nessie actually exists in a parallel universe.

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