This Creepy Danny DeVito Shrine Hidden Behind A Secret Wall In A Bathroom Is A National Treasure

Danny DeVito

iStockphoto / R Scapinello

I’ve always been a natural explorer in the sense that my parents would kick me out of the house when I was a kid and tell me to stop watching TV so I’d go wander around in the woods, catch snakes and turtles in the creek, sh*t like that. But my natural curiosity of the space around me has always ended when I step inside.

I’m not that guy who will go snooping around in an attic or basement (not that we have either of those in Florida). You won’t find me in the bathroom pushing on a paper towels rack to see if there are hidden treasures behind, hidden treasures like this creepy ass Danny DeVito shrine someone found hidden behind the paper towels at a college in New York.

This footage (pics + video) comes from SUNY Purchase and has been going viral as people try and grapple with just what in the f*ck is going on here. Where did it come from? Did everybody know about this beforehand? Is this some sort of Always Sunny guerilla marketing? I have so many questions. Check out the clip first, pics after that, and reactions below.

Normally I’d say that’s some serial killer sh*t right there but this is a Danny DeVito shrine. It seems harmless on the surface until you snap back to reality and realize it’s hidden behind a wall in a bathroom.

I guess a lot of people at SUNY Purchase know about this?

I’m always impressed by those people who go digging in the walls after buying old homes and find random treasure chests and share the unboxing on Reddit. I grew up in Florida and 90% of the houses here were probably built in the past 25 years because the rest have been blown away from hurricanes. We don’t get the luxury of searching for buried treasure outside of finding sharks teeth at the beach.

I can’t get past the question of ‘Why Danny DeVito?’

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