Social Media Can’t Get Over This Security Guard Who Looks Like Wesley Snipes In ‘Blade’

Wesley Snipes as Blade security guard

Getty Image / Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection

  • A security guard who both looks and dresses like Wesley Snipes in ‘Blade’ has gone viral on Twitter with people blown away by his look
  • It all began with a tweet calling him the “most securing guard” ever and Twitter soon had a field day with reactions to this over-dressed security guard
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It started with a tweet at 10:45 am on Monday morning. By Monday night, this security guard was already Internet Famous after going viral on Twitter.

The initial tweet called him the “most securing guard” ever. Immediately, people began comparing him to Wesley Snipes in Blade with the black leather trench coat, tactical gear, and an array of weapons.

Personally, I’ve never seen a security guard like this before. He appears to be holding a pistol and has two more holstered. The guy is wearing knee pads like some sort of rollerblader sent to the future from 1993. There’s a sword tucked through his belt. And the more I type the more I feel like this had to be a Halloween costume except there’s no indication of that at all, everyone on Twitter seems to believe he’s an actual security guard.

Twitter Reacts To Security Guard Who Looks Like ‘Blade’

It turns out he’s a bonafide badass. Retired from the Army, currently a body guard/security guard and bounty hunter.

We could keep doing this all day but you get the point. There’s a private security guard out there who is also a bounty hunter and he comes strapped like Blade.

He’s got that menacing “if I come knocking on your door you then you did something extremely wrong to bring me here” vibe that John Cusack gives out in Grosse Point Blank.

With everything that we’ve learned here today, I don’t think you necessarily need to keep some garlic out to ward off a daywalker half-vampire but it never hurts to have garlic in the house.