Seth Rogen Is Windmill 360 Dunking On Racists In The Comment Section Of His Instagram

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Usually, I’ve got something funny to say. At least I try to think so. If you’ve ever read my writing before, you know its more conversational than it is declarative. I kind of just… ramble? As if you were a guest in my living room — roped into the occasion because you’re dating my cousin or something —  who was cornered by the societal trappings of politeness and forced to listen to me make small talk about increasingly nonsensical topics. “Have I told you about the 5G towers? Let me tell ya, man — ALIENS. BABE, GET ME ANOTHER WHITE CLAW, WILL YA? A TALL BOY PLEASE! Anyway, where was I…” Okay, I suppose that counts as a joke.

Anyway, back to the aforementioned rambling, which seems to be the exact opposite of the approach that Seth Rogen is taking in the comment section of his Instagram, where he appears to be going full scorched Earth on all of the racists in his comment section taking issue with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Rogen is certainly playing with more than Monopoly money on this one (he’s got 8 million followers on Instagram and another 8 million on Twitter), because as Michael Jordan once said, everyone buys sneakers, and if they buy sneakers, then they definitely see Seth Rogen movies, too (although the jury is still out on whether or not they partake in the whole marijuana part of the experience). But — as Rogen is clearly emulating on his Instagram account — the time for common niceties has passed.

If you want to help make a change in this world, you can find a link from ActBlue HERE that will split your donation evenly among the following charity groups: Black Lives Matter Global Network, Reclaim the Block, National Bail Out, Black Visions Collective, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The National Police Accountability Project, Color of Change Education Fund, Unicorn Riot, Campaign Zero, Advancement Project, and The Marshall Project.


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