Shaq Shared A Video Of His Nasty Feet And You Can’t See This Without Feeling Sick


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Nothing about Shaq is normal. He’s 7’1″ tall, weighs over 325 pounds, and has a size 22 shoe. The average shoe size for men in America is Size 10 (it used to be Size 8) and Shaq‘s over double that.

I have absolutely ZERO concept of what life is like when you’re that enormous. Just living a normal day in the body of Shaq probably burns more calories than I eat in a week. And being that large certainly puts a ton of stress on the knees and feet. Now, here’s where things are going to get weird. Shaq shared a few videos of himself at the nail salon with the hashtag #washyourfeet. It appears he’s advocating for this because he has the nastiest ass feet I’ve ever seen. I don’t want you to click play on this Instagram video and be like ‘what the hell, Cass? Why did you make me watch this?’ I want you to know that Shaq has some disturbing feet and that’s what you’re here to see.

Shaq’s messed up feet:

Shaq’s messed up feet after they’ve been washed and painted with gold sparkles:

I’ve never been given those green flip-flops at the nail salon after a pedicure like Shaq is wearing here so I have no clue as to how large the sandals are, but it’s clear that they don’t make them nearly large enough for a man of Shaq’s size:

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