The Internet Is Being Torn Apart By The Very Divisive Topic Of Whether You Should Wash Your Jeans

should you wash your jeans


Should you wash your jeans or should you not wash your jeans? That is one of the very divisive topics that has been tearing up the internet over the past couple of weeks.

It’s understandable, I suppose, that people would fall vehemently into one camp or another. I can see how people who always wash their jeans would take issue with the non-washed-jean-wearers. They probably think it’s gross.

And as far as those who never wash their jeans, they are probably shocked to find out that the washed-jean-wearers think that they are gross so they feel the need to strongly defend themselves and their actions, or inaction, as the case may be. Their very identity is being challenged.

Where do you stand on this issue of whether or not you should wash your jeans? Before you answer, let’s take a peek at what both sides have been saying about the subject. You might just change your mind.

There really is no middle ground here is there? Personally, I do actually wash my jeans.

So, again I ask, where do you stand on this whole do you wash your jeans or not issue? I promise I won’t judge… much.

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