Research Study Of 2,000 People Has Determined The Top 50 Signs You Are Finally An Adult

by 1 year ago
Signs You Are An Adult


Owning a vacuum cleaner, doing all your own washing and paying utility bills are all among the signs you’re an adult, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 people has revealed the top 50 signs of finally reaching adulthood, with the list including things such as preferring to live in a clean house, not purchasing the cheapest wine at the store and getting excited at the thought of buying a dishwasher. You know, all the fun things.

Preferring a night in to a night out, getting insurance and always clearing things away at the end of an evening (rather than stacking dishes in the sink) also featured highly in the list.

The One Poll research from Endsleigh Insurance Services also discovered that those surveyed believe that we now turn into an adult at the grand old age of 25 – some seven years later than “legal adulthood.”

Other signs of being an adult include shopping weekly for food and being able to cook food from scratch. Moving out of the family home is also a sure sign someone is on their way to being an adult, as is making your own financial decisions.

Endsleigh also found that, for students and house sharers, going out less to save money and selecting housemates based on reliability to pay rent, cleanliness and work ethic were also prominent signs of adulthood.


Watching the news, going to bed before 11 PM and owning a pet also appear on the top 50 list.