The Latest ‘Silicon Valley’ Trailer Takes Pied Piper Into A Brand New Era

silicon valley season five trailer


In 1987, a programmer by the name of Mike Judge decided to abandon his job in Silicon Valley in favor of pursuing a career in music before pivoting one more time to the world of television when he gave us the brilliant idiotic Beavis and Butt-head. Since then, Judge has been satirizing society in various shapes and forms, and things came full circle a few years with the creation of Silicon Valley.

Over the past few years, the series has successfully skewered some of the most absurd aspects of tech culture, and as the incredible lack of self-awareness in the actual Silicon Valley continues to blur the line between satire and reality, it doesn’t appear it’s going to stop anytime soon.

We got our first look at the fifth season in January, and HBO just blessed us with a new trailer featuring the main cast as well as the criminally underappreciated Andy Daly (who plays the funniest medical professional to appear on television since the doctor from Arrested Development).

We’ll also be treated to the triumphant return of Jian Yang, who will have to find a new person to prank call this season after T.J. Miller announced he was leaving the show last year to focus on more serious pursuits (like an animated movie featuring the poop emoji as a major character).

You’ll get the chance to catch the premiere of the new season once March 25 rolls around assuming you don’t have anything better to do at 10 PM on a Sunday.