The Trailer For Season Five Of ‘Silicon Valley’ Has Finally Arrived

silicon valley season 5 trailer


Due to the fact that Veep is still on the air, it’s tough to argue that Silicon Valley is the funniest show in HBO’s current lineup, but the nerd version of Entourage has been an incredibly consistent source of entertainment since bursting onto the scene in 2014. Creator Mike Judge— the man responsible for Office Space and King of the Hill—   has always had an uncanny ability to capture the nuances of any subset of society he’s decided to turn his lens on, and he’s done an incredible job summing up the endless absurdity of the tech industry.

Much like EntourageSilicon Valley is basically a sine graph of highs and lows, and with the final episode of last season landing somewhere in the middle. HBO just released the trailer for season five, and it seems like the upcoming episodes will be yet another roller coaster of successes and failures.

There is one person noticeably missing from the trailer: T.J. Miller. HBO announced he wouldn’t be returning before Miller gave a remarkably candid interview explaining his reason for leaving— which was partially motivated by his passion to pursue more serious projects like The Emoji Movie. 

I’m also curious to see how the show’s ever-evolving title sequence changes this year, but there’s nothing I’m more excited for than the return of Jian Yang, who for my money is easily the most entertaining character on the show (and, based on the trailer, a proud member of the Cigs Inside movement).

Here’s to hoping this season is filled with plenty of special occasions for him to celebrate.


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