This Supercut Of Jian Yang From ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Proof He’s The Best Character On TV

Jian Yang has been a thorn in the side of T.J. Miller’s character Erlich Bachman on Silicon Valley since Season 1. Originally accepted into Erlich’s pseudo-startup incubator Jian Yang later secured squatter’s rights after not paying rent and has continued to be one of the largest sources of comedic relief on the show. He annoys the ever-living-shit out of Erlich with everything he does, and seeing Bachman meltdown is always amusing.

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So, after watching this supercut of Jian Yang’s finest moments on Silicon Valley I’m now quasi-convinced that the series will end with Jian Yang hitting it big and becoming hood rich off some simple app idea and Erlich making a decent payday off him. The showrunners devote so much time to Jian Yang, and even though he’s a hilarious character he doesn’t play any role central to the show…until he gets paid. That leads me to believe that he’s definitely striking oil in Season 4.

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