Singapore Airlines’ New First-Class Private Suites Are Better Than Five-Star Hotel Accommodations

by 1 year ago

The worst part of flying isn’t the shitty food or stale air or getting stuck in a middle seat next to two heffers. The worst part of flying occurs well before your get off the ground. That moment right when you step on the plane and you look the first-class passengers in the eyes before walking below deck of the Titanic. They’re usually smug businessmen with their free alcohol and endless legroom, glued to their phone trying to link up with a prostitute upon landing. So humiliating, so aggravating.

Well, Singapore Airlines just made the accommodations of those first-class passengers look like peasant quarters.  The airline is unveiling legitimate suites in their new Airbus A380 double-decker planes to replace its first-class seating.

According to Uproxx, the suites can be a single space with a twin bed, swivel chair, desk, and TV, or a queen sized bed with identical amenities.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

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