Roc Nation Singer Post Clip Of Herself Getting Bitten In The Face By A Snake While Filming A Music Video

Roc Nation Singer Maeta Bitten By Snake While Filming Music Video


  • R&B artist Maeta was bitten in the face by a snake while filming a music video
  • The Roc Nation singer posted a clip of the incident on Instagram
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Legendary comedian W.C. Fields famously said one of the biggest pieces of advice he could give to aspiring entertainers was to never work with children or animals, and there is plenty of evidence to at least support the second half of that adage.

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy fame learned that the hard way as a result of the tiger attack that brought his career to an end in 2003, and the majority of the cast and crew members who worked on the infamous movie Roar found themselves injured at some point courtesy of the 150 lions, cheetahs, and other big cats that were not on their best behavior during filming.

Now, we can add a new name to that list courtesy of Maeta, a 21-year-old R&B singer who is currently signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label.

According to The New York Post, Maeta was recently filming a music video that features at least a couple of snakes as her co-stars, but things when slightly awry when a handler placed one of the reptiles on the rising singer before it immediately bit her in the face.

Based on the caption she posted along with the clip on Instagram, it doesn’t appear she was too shaken up by what seemed to be a pretty harmless nip.

She also posted a picture of herself that was presumably taken after the incident, and it appears the snake didn’t manage to leave much of a lasting mark.

Credit where credit is due for handling the bite with grace as opposed to doing what I probably would’ve done in a situation like that: flinging the snake across the room before fleeing in terror.

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