Someone Accidentally Took 550x The Normal Amount Of LSD After Mistaking It For Cocaine And It Miraculously Cured Their Chronic Pain

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I wouldn’t consider myself anything close to an expert in LSD\ but I’d consider myself competent in the sense that I’m fully capable of navigating a 12+ hour trip from blotter, drops, or sugar cubes without having my life completely unravel around me. Sure, the walls might melt at the peak but that’s all part of the ride, isn’t it?

I guess I know enough about taking acid/LSD to recognize that there’s a normal dose, and then if you double that things become wildly intense and so on and so forth. So when I see a story about someone taking 550x the normal dosage I’m a little confused about how the shit that person didn’t die on the spot. As it turns out, this person not only survived the trip but they emerged with the chronic foot pain they’d been experiencing for over two decades disappearing for a few days and that person is now able to treat it using microdoses of LSD.

That’s not to be confused with ‘micro dots’ which will have you tripping balls, microdose are just very small amounts.

So what happened? Well, as the CNN report details this person thought they were snoring cocaine but it turned out to be 55 milligrams of LSD. The normal dose of LSD for a person looking to trip is 100 micrograms (0.1 milligrams). Here’s how it all went down:

The 49-year-old woman, known as CB, had contracted Lyme disease in her early 20s, which damaged her feet and ankles and left her in “significant pain.”

In September 2015, she took 55 milligrams of what she believed was cocaine but was actually “pure LSD in powder form.”

The authors defined a normal recreational dose as 100 micrograms — equal to 0.1 milligrams.

The woman blacked out and vomited frequently for the next 12 hours but reported feeling “pleasantly high” for the 12 hours after that — still vomiting, but less often.

According to her roommate, she sat mostly still in a chair, either with her eyes open or rolled back, occasionally speaking random words. Ten hours later, she was able to hold a conversation and “seemed coherent.”

Her foot pain was gone the next day and she stopped using morphine for five days. While the pain returned, she was able to control it with a lower dose of morphine and a microdose of LSD every three days. After more than two years, in January 2018, she stopped using both morphine and LSD and reported no withdrawal symptoms, although the case report said she did experience an increase in anxiety, depression and social withdrawal. (via)

I legitimately did not realize that LSD could come in such large quantities that it could ever be mistaken for cocaine. I’ve only ever seen it in liquid form, on tiny printed sheets of stamps, or in sugar cubes. Seeing a mound of acid so large that it looked like cocaine sounds f’n terrifying and anxiety-inducing to me as if being within a mile of that much LSD is enough to send someone to jail for life.

According to the report, the ‘lethal dose’ for a human being would be 14,000 micrograms which is a metric fuck ton more than I would’ve ever imagined but I guess your mind might permanently give out long before your body did given the appropriate dosage.

The whole study is pretty fascinating, to be honest, and you can check out more details on that here over on CNN.