The ‘South Park’ Season Premiere Caused Mayhem Across America By Turning On Everyone’s Amazon Echo

South Park

South Park

Before we jump into what happened last night, can we take a moment to acknowledge how great it is to have another season of South Park back on television? It doesn’t feel *quite* as good as having NFL and College Football back, but I’d at least put it in the discussion.

Moving on… Last night’s South Park season premiere made endless jokes about Amazon’s Alexa and it took a few shots at the Google Home. Like millions of others, I was one of those people who purchased an Amazon Alexa on this year’s Amazon Prime Day. I actually dig it because it’s basically a speaker I can use to play music in the kitchen while cooking, and I can order any dog food/kitchen-related items I run out of by asking Alexa. South Park took some pretty hilarious shots at Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home, but that’s not what this is about.

As reported on UPROXX, one unexpected thing that happened during last night’s episode was thousands of the devices being turned on:

There are a literal shit ton of these videos on Twitter, and you can see a bunch more of them over on UPROXX.