‘South Park’ Roasts Andrew Tate In New Episode Featuring ‘Toxic Masculinity Coach’

Andrew Tate on South Park

South Park / HBO Max

Jailed influencer and accused human trafficker Andrew Tate‘s bad week just got worse.

Earlier this week, a Romanian judge denied Andrew Tate’s bail request. This will keep him in Romanian jail until the end of April, at the very earliest. His 30-day detention sentence has been extended multiple times since his arrest in December.

Then, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park took aim at Andrew Tate and skewered the ‘toxic masculinity coach’ (named Alonzo Fineski in the show) in the most recent episode of South Park on HBO Max.

In the clips that have surfaced on social media, South Park‘s version of Andrew Tate, named Alonzo Fineski, pulls a pistol on Randy Marsh. Randy then proceeds to tell the Tate figure that he’s trying to show his kids what a real party is.

Randy tells Alonzo Fineski he wants to ‘combat the messages’ targeted at young men about ‘their male instincts being toxic.’



It was only a matter of time before South Park lambasted Andrew Tate. The show takes aim at the most prominent figures in pop culture and Andrew Tate’s place in pop culture aligns perfectly with what South Park likes to roast.

Mentions of Andrew Tate on South Park hit Twitter immediately after the new episode aired on HBO Max.


It’s unclear if Andrew Tate is able to watch HBO Max from his Romanian jail and if he’s aware of his newfound South Park fame, but we’re certain to hear more about it in the coming days.

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