I Have Chills After Listening To The Dramatic Air Traffic Control Communications From The Pilot Of Southwest 1380

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard about the dramatic emergency landing of Southwest flight 1380 by now. An engine failed on the LaGuardia to Dallas-bound flight, resulting in a moment of sheer terror in the sky. There was one fatality after a piece of the engine crashed into a window, “violently depressurizing” the cabin and reportedly “sucking” a passenger through a window who was then pulled back into the airplane.

Listen to the harrowing communications between the aircraft and the air traffic control tower in the video at the top of the post. It will send a chill down you spine, yet she remains calm, cool, and collected in face of sudden danger. She asks for medical to meet the plane on the runway. She’s a model professional, a true hero.

It’s been too long since we’ve acknowledged a hero here on BroBible. The pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, is a hero. With a big piece of the aircraft missing, she managed to guide the plane to the ground at the Philadelphia, saving scores of lives. 144 passengers and five crew members were onboard the flight.

Shults is a true American badass. I just think we have to acknowledge that today.

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