Sperry Throws Shade At Chet Hanks, Calls For ‘Boat Shoe Summer 2021’

via Sperry @ Facebook

I’ve deeply enjoyed the discourse around Chet Hanks and his call for summer 2021 to be “White Boy Summer.”

Footwear was a big topic of discussion in Chet’s ‘fit treatise about White Boy Summer. One of the most notable items on Chet’s list of White Boy Summer rules is a firm stance on no Sperry Topsiders, the iconic boat shoe brand popular with former lacrosse bros named Tucker and Weston who summer in Martha’s Vineyard. It

No Sperry-Topsiders, that’s not the type of white boys we’re talking about. Get yourself some Vans, some Chucks, and some Jordans.

Chet also called out “anything salmon-colored in your wardrobe,” noting to “burn it, burn that shit. don’t ever wear it again.”

I’m torn on the issue – I completely understand the shade toward bona fide preppy classics. There’s a certain non-populist self-righteousness towards such a ‘fit. That said, maybe he got a little too hung up on the particulars. At the end of the day, Chet is just going after entitled “My Dad’s a lawyer” types and stereotyping what this kind of person hypothetically wears. Sperry and boat shoes are just caught in the crossfire.

Personally, I love my Sperrys. They’re summer staple and sits high atop our list of best boat shoes for men. I firmly believe that a proper pair of Sperry Gold Cups are the kind of shoes everyman needs during the breezy summer months – they’re comfortable and versatile, with proper foot protection at the beach, lake, or just around town that flip-flops will never offer.

Amusingly enough, today Sperry‘s caught wind of the heat and sent out a press release, subtly jabbing Chet Hanks and noting that Summer 2021 will go down as “Boat Shoe Summer.”

That’s a thoughtful brand response! Not overthought, not overzealous. Heavy on subtext.

Maybe they just have to get Chet in a pair and end this debate over ‘fits once and for all?