VIDEO: Guy Stands In Front Of Oncoming Trains For His Job, Hopefully Makes Bank

There’s a lot of things I’m willing to do for money and very few that I’m not. Standing in front of oncoming freight trains like it appears this German guy does day in-and-out certainly is not one of them.

Balls of steel. Brass cajones. Infinite testicular fortitude. Whatever you want to call it, this guy has it. Just look at him laughing jovially while standing in front of a moving, thousand-ton train, without a care in the world.

I’m not sure if his job just requires a shit-ton of mental rigidity, or if he’s just downright stupid. I’m erring on the side of the former, though, because I’m pretty inclined to think you probably need some kind of engineering degree to do whatever it is he’s doing in latching the trains together, and whoever runs the locomotive company he’s working for hopefully wouldn’t just throw an idiot in his place. That could get very costly, liability speaking.

Regardless, all I can say is I hope he’s compensated extremely handsomely, because he sure as hell does a job I would never want to have. Simply put, I’d just go through too many pairs of boxers.