Internet Digs Up All The Times Max Kellerman Cooked Stephen A. Smith Amidst Beef With Terrell Owens

stephen a smith and max kellerman on first take


First Take host Stephen A. Smith is embroiled in another public battle of words, this time with former National Football League wide receiver Terrell Owens.

During a recent interview on The Joe Budden Podcast, Smith detailed why he “didn’t like working” with former First Take co-host Max Kellerman.

Due to his comments, sports fans on Twitter began digging a little deeper to try and figure out what, exactly, made Smith loathe Kellerman so much, which led to this old clip of Owens saying that sometimes Kellerman seems “Blacker than Stephen A.”

From there, people began to point out just how often Kellerman would walk intellectual and moral circles around Smith.

Apparently catching wind of the viral tweet, Owens himself chimed in to say “FACTS!!!”, which is what reignited the feud with Stephen A.

After the pair exchanged a few tweets at each other — which even prompted Kyrie Irving to pop in and try to play peacemaker a la Jonathan Majors — Smith would go on to address Owens on the Monday episode of his radio show.

According to Smith, he’s not mad at T.O., but rather, he feels “sad” for him, as it’s “rare in his lifetime that he’s seen a person make more enemies out of people who genuinely cared and tried to help him.”

Smith also says that Owens attempted to sue him and ESPN for publicizing an off-the-record conversation.

“He tried to sit up there and say I did something I’ve never done in my career, and that is take an off-the-record conversation and publicize it,” Smith said. “I have never done that in my career. On the soul of everything I love, I don’t do that.”

Needless to say, Smith’s seemingly one-sided beef with Kellerman in recent days has had the opposite of its intended effect as it has instead reminded everyone of all the ways Kellerman used to cook Smith.