Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Jobs Takes A Huge Dump On The iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is going to be released in a few months, and Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve doesn’t appear too impressed with the new phone.

On Wednesday, Apple showed off their new lineup of fall products, including the “upgraded” iPhone 14 that supposedly has a better camera, crash detection, and something called “dynamic island.”

Eve Jobs, daughter of Steve and Laurene Powell Jobs, reacted to the unveiling of the new iPhone 14 by posting a meme mocking Apple for releasing basically the same phone every year.

Eve didn’t seem off base as many iPhone users agreed with her opinion about the new iPhone 14.

“Good to know. I just got a 13 Pro in July because I lost my other phone, and I was bummed that my new phone was already going to be “outdated”. Looks like I’m good” said on Twittr user

Others were shocked to learn that Steve Jobs’ daughter was named Eve Jobs.

“I was today years old when I learned Steve Jobs’ daughter is named Eve Jobs”

“Her name being Eve Jobs is probably my favorite thing ever”

Eve Jobs has a point, Apple needs to stop with the yearly releases.

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