In A Move Sure To Inspire Confidence, Steven Seagal Is Now Representing A Cryptocurrency Group

by 1 year ago
Steven Seagal Representing Cryptocurrency Bitcoiin

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If you ever had any doubts about investing in cryptocurrency you can put those fears away now that action star Steven Seagal is throwing his support behind the virtual currency craze. This is the sign we have all been waiting for, people.

Yes, I know the whole cryptocurrency thing is very confusing. And yes, the mining of it is causing all sorts of hacks and security breaches. And yes, I know that people like Warren Buffet, the original “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, and the founder of have all said it is destined to fail. But, guys, Steven Seagal!


Luckily, I follow this legend of cinema and VOD on Twitter (Long live Team Seagal!) or I would not be aware of this golden financial opportunity.

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