These Studded ‘Goth Crocs’ Will Cost You A Fortune But It’s Totally Worth It For All The Sex You’ll Have


Are you still struggling to see the light from your annual winter dry spell? Do you need a Swiffer to dust off your Johnson after months of hibernation? Do you not want to put in the effort of actual conversing with a potential mate? Do you hate your dad?

Boy do I have a solution for you.

Break out your fishnets from Hot Topic and your mom’s eyeliner and pair them with the hottest craze on the streets right now: GOTH CROCS.


These sex tickets are running for $240 on ETSY, which is really nothing when you consider how much dark sex they’ll score you.

These Goth Crocs are earning some serious clout on the streets and at your nearest graveyard.

Long live the Goth Crocs.


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