Study: Drinking Just One Extra Beer Or Glass Of Wine A Week Could Shorten Your Life By 30 Minutes

by 1 year ago
pouring beer from tap


A sobering new study states that U.S. guidelines on alcohol consumption are far too lenient and people drinking too much could be shaving years off their life. A massive international scientific study finds that just one extra beer of glass of wine a week could shorten your life by 30 minutes. This is not only scary news for drunks but even for casual drinkers.

The study, which was published in The Lancelet, examined data from across 83 prospective studies in 19 countries of 599,912 current drinkers without a history of heart problems. The study found that the current U.S. guidelines on alcohol consumption did not do enough to curb premature deaths from drinking.

The U.S. government currently recommends that men shouldn’t consume more than 14 drinks a week and seven drinks a week for women. The new study says that two drinks a day for men will shorten the lifespan by years. The study estimates that 40-year-old men who consume two drinks per day can expect to live one to two years less than men who have no more than seven drinks per week.

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