New Study Finds Weight Training Can Help Fight Depression

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Are you in a rut? Maybe the best thing you can do for yourself is hit the gym. There’s been evidence for years that any kind of exercise can improve mental health, but a new scientific study says that strength training in particular could be a useful method to reduce depression.

A new scientific study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry found that resistance training can help treat depression and reduce its debilitating symptoms. The new meta-analysis of studies also reinforced the belief that aerobic exercise could also help with mental illness. Resistance training may also reduce anxiety. The best part is that unlike medications, all of these exercise regiments come with zero side effects.

The study analyzed data from 33 randomized clinical trials that had a total of 1,877 participants. The impact of weight training was most significant for people whose depression symptoms were clinically mild or moderate. In severe cases of depression, the individuals may not respond as well as others to exercise. So not only will some squats improve your body, thus your confidence will improve, but also your mental state. Weight lifting will also help maintain muscle mass as you age. Getting a case of the sads? Try doing some push-ups.