CBD + CAFFEINE: Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots Blend Great Flavors With A Boost Of Energy So You Can Seize The Moment

Presented in partnership with Sunday Scaries…

You know that feeling towards the end of the day when you just need a boost? When you know a cup of coffee would help, but are worried it’ll keep you up all night long instead of just a few hours to survive the work day or presentation? We’ve all been there, but now there’s an actual solution — Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots.

Nobody likes that groggy feeling when you’re just crawling to get to the finish line, so with a quick Sunday Scaries YOLO Shot, you’ll be able to seize the moment and finish strong like the champion you really are.


That means that, whether you’re looking for a boost while pregaming for a night out with the boys, trying to find focus when you’re putting together a big presentation or assignment, or simply just need some help surviving the afternoon during work, Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots has your back thanks to this liquid courage.

Available in three different flavors — Coconut Lime, Tropical Pineapple and Sour Fruit Punch — and blended perfectly with the right amount of caffeine with 50mg of CBD in each shot, these Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots taste great and are effective in getting the most out of your day. Sounds pretty dope.


Priced at $69 for a 12-Pack, make sure you’ve got Sunday Scaries YOLO Shots at your side to be a little companion when needed most. Remember, You Only Live Once, and this liquid courage will help you seize the moment and avoid that feeling of late-afternoon defeat. You’ve got this!

Price: $69 for a 12-Pack
CBD Dose: 50mg per shot


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