Tabasco Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Champagne Bottles Of Special Edition Diamond Reserve Sauce

tabasco diamond hot sauce


Get ready to make your hot sauce fancy because Tabasco is selling a special edition sauce that comes in a very ostentatious champagne bottle. Tabasco is celebrating their 150th anniversary by releasing a limited-edition Diamond Reserve Sauce. The Diamond Reserve Sauce comes in a tiny champagne bottle, but it won’t come with a tiny price tag as far as Tabasco sauce goes.

The quality hot sauce purveyor will offer a special-edition sauce that is crafted from tabasco peppers mashed with salt and then aged in barrels like a fine bourbon or tequila. Usually, Tabasco ages their peppers for three years but the Diamond Reserve Sauce is aged for as long as 15 years. Plenty of time for those peppers to develop a complex flavor, but still “maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy” Tabasco is known for.

The peppers are from Avery Island, Louisiana, where the Tabasco company is based. The robust peppers are mixed with sparkling white wine vinegar and then bottled in tiny champagne-looking bottles with gold foil-tops. Tacos and bloody Mary’s are about to get real fancy. Mini champagne bottles are 6 fl. oz. and McIlhenny will sell the small-batch hot sauce for $35 on their website until they run out. So get this champagne of pepper sauce while you can.


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