Taylor Swift Fans Are Mad At Burger King And Are ‘Canceling’ The Fast Food Restaurant After BK Delivered A Sick Burn On Twitter

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Taylor Swift superfans aka as the “Swifties” have a reputation for being a bit overprotective of the superstar pop singer.

On Wednesday, the Swifties were none too pleased with Burger King when a fan asked them what their favorite Taylor Swift song and the fast-food restaurant replied with a joke tweet.

Burger King’s joke clearly pokes fun at Swift’s tendency to write about her past relationships in songs.

For whatever reason, the Swifties took offense at the joke and are now mad and have since “canceled” the fast-food restaurant on Twitter.

Non-Swifties were confused as to why people were mad at Burger King.

Burger King eventually deleted the post, so it appears the Swifties won.

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