Watching This Teenager Repeatedly Fail To Figure Out How To Use A Rotary Phone Is Too Funny

Teenager How To Use Rotary Phone


Phones are the lifeblood of today’s teenager (and many adults), but with all that knowledge right there at their fingertips there are still some pieces of technology that manage to baffle them. That is, if that technology was created and widely used at any point in the 20th century — even their beloved phones.

Now, if you are old enough to at least have a faint memory of rotary telephones then I have to warn you, get ready to feel old as hell. Not that it’s a bad thing, because without that knowledge how else would we be able to laugh our asses off at the feeling of futility this teenager experiences when trying to figure out how to use an old rotary phone.

The video, uploaded by Kimberly Phillips of Parks, Louisiana stars her son Braylon, and she captioned it with this hilarious and very apt description, “Okay so when your knowledgeable tech guy [tries] to operate old school technology!!!! This sh*t was priceless.”

It really is. Over 13 million views and 330,000 likes are proof of that. Check it out…


Gotta love him breaking out his smartphone there at the end to figure out how to use the rotary phone.

Want to feel even older? These old school technology videos are also pretty priceless.

Pffft… kids today, amirite?

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