‘Tenet’ Will Hit NYC Theaters On Friday, Six Months After Its Original Release

Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan is, without question, one of the great filmmakers of his generation, and of my lifetime. Along with the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, he’s one of the few directors in Hollywood who is given a blank check to make whatever the hell they want — an original idea, pre-existing intellectual property, or otherwise.

But, whether it be the heady nature of his films or the Britishness of his personality, there’s just something about Nolan that strikes me as, I don’t know, pompous? Which, to be fair, when you’re Christopher Nolan, you’re allowed to be! It’s totally not a knock, merely an observation. If I was one of the world’s best at something, let alone my passion, I’d be quite cocky about it to. Why do you think Quentin Tarantino is always putting feet in his movies? He does it because he can.

I say all of this because, as far as I can tell, it was Nolan who mainly pushed for Tenet to hit theaters this past summer, despite the United States quite clearly not being ready for it. Warner Bros. moved mountains for Nolan so he could White Knight into theaters in August and save cinema, but Tenet ultimately barely cracked $50 million domestically, a clear sign that movie-goers were not yet ready to swarm back to theaters. Who knows how much that outcome informed Warner’s eventual decision to pivot their 2021 releases to HBO Max.

This is all to say that there’s an undeniable irony to the fact that, on Friday, six months after the film’s original release, Tenet will FINALLY be hitting movie theaters in New York City.

This Friday (March 5), Tenet will play in AMC Lincoln Square, AMC Empire, AMC Kips Bay, Village East by Angelika (70mm) and Showcase Cinemas Jamaica. The Warner Bros. release will be available in Imax and 70MM as well at AMC Lincoln Square.

Even though the movie is currently on DVD, and available on PVOD, anyone who was interested in seeing it on the big screen in NYC, can finally do so. The movie also did not play hardtop venues in Los Angeles county; only drive-ins. Tenet did play, however, in surrounding Ventura and Orange counties this past fall. [via Deadline]

My opinions about Nolan and Tenet aside, this is an undeniable tangible and symbolic win for movie fans, New York City, and society in general. Nature, as the kids say, is healing.

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