Tesla Owners Were Stranded For Hours When The App Went Down And Locked Them Out Of Their Cars

Tesla Owners Stranded When App Went Down Locked Them Out Of Cars


Tesla’s app, which many owners use as their vehicle’s key, was down for hours Monday, leading to a firestorm of complaints on social media.

Yes, before you ask, these same Tesla owners are given an actual physical key card or fob that will unlock their cars, but because it’s 2019, many of these owners just use the app on their phone exclusively, ignoring the very real possibility that some day the Tesla app might crash.

Which is exactly what happened Monday evening when numerous car owners were out and about and suddenly found themselves stranded because they were locked out of their cars.

According to Downdetector.com, the Tesla app outage started around 7:30 p.m. ET and lasted about four hours with no warning that it was going to happen.

Tesla did not issue any statements, or offer any reasons for the outage, so naturally, also because it’s 2019, many of these Tesla owners vented their frustration on Twitter.

According to the Tesla App Support web page

If you’re experiencing performance issues with the app, the following troubleshooting steps can also be used:

• Logging out and logging back in
• Deleting and reinstalling the app
• Powering off your phone completely, and powering it back on

So, basically, Tesla owners were just supposed to try the universal fix for anything electronic: turn it off then back on again. Sadly, that did not work, for hours.

Have to love how people were tweeting directly at Elon Musk, like he is going to answer customer service complaints.

Is it wrong that I find these folks’ frustrations with Tesla hilarious?

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