Texas Partygoer Says He’s Not Worried About Catching Coronavirus Because ‘If I Get It, Everybody Else Is Gonna Get It’

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Texas bars have reopened after being closed for two months and we’re already seeing several videos and pictures on social media showing people partying in crowded bars while failing to practice safe social distancing.

Via ABC 13 Houston

However, on Saturday, after video of incidents across the city and surrounding areas showed people ignoring social distancing guidelines and gathering in large crowds, Turner announced police will be monitoring bars and restaurants.

Dr. Laila Woc-Colburn with Baylor Medicine Infectious Diseases said she saw a number of videos that had surfaced and was disappointed by the behavior.

“We’ve been doing so well,” said Woc-Colburn. “At the same time, I guess, it’s human nature in the sense that you’ve been cooped up in your home and you just want to go and live your life like it was before. The problem that our life that was before is not coming back.”

On Monday a local Houston news station interviewed several partygoers to get their thoughts on the overcrowding situation and one man wasn’t worried about catching coronavirus.

Reopened bars are limited to 25 percent capacity and Houston mayor Sylvester Turner is asking citizens to file complaints if they see businesses that aren’t following city guidelines.

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