Get A Look At These Extremely Controversial Rankings Of Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving Turkey

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I love a good Top 5 ranking, it leaves so much room for debate and argument. No matter what the topic is, it’s almost a sure thing to spark some controversy. Nothing can spark more controversy though than a Top 5 Thanksgiving side ranking on one of the most glorious days of the year. The Brilliantly Dumb Show took on the challenge of rattling off a list of the top 5 side dishes that turkey day has to offer.

5. Cranberry Sauce

We are only one side dish in here and I am sure some people are already extremely frustrated. I will let you decide whether or not this is considered a side but in the meantime, how phenomenal is it to throw a ton of cranberry sauce on your first plate at Thanksgiving dinner? You do not see cranberry sauce very often so when you do I always suggest making it a point to make the most of it.

4. Green Bean Casserole

When done right, a good green bean casserole is a DEADLY dish. A side that is very hard to perfect and probably should be left to the pros or mothers out there, because when done right, you are in for something truly special.

3. Stuffing

After Thanksgiving day is over, stuffing seems to go into hibernation and I am not sure why. Stuffing only makes one appearance a year which is the week of Thanksgiving and to me, that is a shame. Stuffing seems to be more seasonal than candy canes. This is a side that has a lot to offer and would thrive 12 months out of the year. Let’s start giving the credit to stuffing that it deserves.

2. Mac And Cheese

This just goes to show the versatility of mac and cheese. Simply a powerhouse of a side that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Amongst all of the wonderful sides Thanksgiving day has to offer, mac and cheese still finds a way to finesse its way near the top of the charts year in and year out.

1.Mashed Potatoes

Nothing hits the soul quite like a big helping of mashed potatoes. It’s tough to screw up a batch of mashed potatoes which is a credit to just how elite this side is. We tend to take it for granted since we can get them just about anywhere but by no means should that affect the legacy of one of Thanksgiving’s most elite sides of all time.

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